Delphine et Julien

After almost 20 years, Arif and Marta are leaving the Orri in the hands of a young couple with two kids.
If everything goes as planned, Julien and Delphine will re-open the lodge at the beginning
of February 2023.

The Orri de Planès is a small, family-run lodge that combines unique design, quality accommodation and good food with a policy of environmental respect. Fruit of a dream shared by two outdoor lovers, it is our stand for an authentic tourism based on values.

Come and discover our eco-lodge, committed to...

> the environment
> sustainable comfort
> organic and local food
> the respect of people

> intercultural exchange
> renewable energy
> local and alternative economies
> responsible finance

Enjoy, share, savor, unwind. And with a little luck, leave thinking the world could be different!

Setting >

Privileged location in the Eastern Pyrnes

The Orri is located at an altitude of 1,550 m in the tiny mountain village of Planès. Famous for it's 11th century Romanesque chapel, the village has a station on the Yellow Train line and lies just 5 km from the fortified town of Mont Louis.

The natural setting is spectacular. In Summer, it's a paradise for walkers: two long distance hiking trails (the GR10 and the GR36) pass next to the lodge's property and you can access the Saint Thomas hot springs, the Têt river gorge trail, the Planès valley, the Cambre d'Ase peak, and even the Nuria Sanctuary (across the border, in Spain) on foot from our doorstep.

By car, the Bouillouses lakes, the Eyne valley and the Carança gorges are just a few minutes away.

In Winter, it's a paradise for skiers: the Cambre d'Aze downhill resort is just 2 km from the lodge, the Font Romeu and Les Angles alpine resorts and the La Llose and la Calma cross country resorts are all less than 15 km away.

Lodging >

Guest lodge,
hikers’ lodge
and campground

LOrri (rooms)

Our guesthouse, with 6 comfortable bedrooms (that sleep a total of 24), a dining room with fireplace, a living area with a library and a kids corner. Can be rented by the room or in its entirety (with meal service) for family reunions, seminars, etc.

El Refugi (dormitory)

Our hikers lodge, with an unusual dormitory (that sleeps 16), a small living room, a self service dining room, and a fully equipped kitchen. Can be rented by the bed or as a whole (either self-catering or with meal service).

Les Terrasses (campground)

Our small campground next to the Plans stream, surrounded by beautiful forests. Includes 4 "eco-yurts" (equipped huts that sleep up to 4) and 4 campsites.

In Summer, all guests enjoy access to the lodges outdoor terrace (serving drinks, snacks, etc.) and to its swimming pool, treated with salt and heated by the inns solar panels.

Meals >

Delicious meals,
local and
organic ingredients

At the Orri's table, guests enjoy delicious meals prepared from scratch using quality ingredients sourced from a network of more than 30 local and organic suppliers.

Menus are varied and balanced, including main courses that alternate between meat based and vegetarian dishes, local cheeses and wines and homemade desserts.

People >

forum of exchange

Created and run by an American man and a Catalan woman who both speak French, English, Catalan and Spanish, the Orri is a lodge centered on people and open to guests from all over the world.

Our cozy public spaces and the dining room's long oak tables invite our guests to share experiences and ideas, transforming the lodge into a forum of exchange between people and cultures.

Sustainability >

Live better
with less

As outdoor lovers, we wanted to create and run a rural inn that functions in harmony with nature. We work very hard to reduce the Orri's environmental impact at all levels (energy, water, food, waste, housekeeping, economy, banking...).

And as former teachers, we try to make people think.

We firmly believe that ecology is about living better with less, and try to use our lodge to demonstrate that this is possible.