keeping ethics at the forefront

The current economic crisis is the direct result of decisions made by unscrupulous people around the planet. We all suffer the consequence of the excesses of the financial world, but at the same time, we continue to support the very system that put us in such a difficult situation.

From the time the Orri was born, we have been involved in the world of alternative finance. When each of the traditional banks in our area refused to finance our project led, we discovered the NEF, a French association of ideological investors which favors projects incorporating concepts like solidarity, social integration and environmental protection, etc. From the first contacts we had with la NEF, we sensed that they operated differently: they treated us as people, studied the details of our project in detail, took into account our trajectory and past experiences, and they viewed the incorporation of solar energy and our intention to serve organic foods as points in our favor. After a process of negotiation, they approved the credit which would allow us to finance a significant part of the initial construction project.

This experience made us think about how the financial world works. At the time the credit was approved, we decided to transfer our bank accounts to Credit Cooperatif, the ethical bank that works with the NEF. And a few years later, when the lodge was fully operative, we decided to incorporate original economic policies in the everyday operation our small company that would allow us to support other initiatives that we agree with.

On one hand, we joined 1% for the Planet, a movement that brings together companies around the world who commit to donating 1% of their income to non profit organizations working in favor of the environment. Through our participation with this initiative, we have been able to give economic support to associations including Terre de Liens, Nature et Progrès, Slow Food France, Sortir du Nucléaire, Negawatt, Bioconsommacteurs, Mountain Wilderness, Reseau Semences Paysannes, Kokopelli, Mountain Riders, and others.

At the same time, we decided to offer a small discount for guests who use public transport to access our lodge (and reserve at least 2 nights with half board). In a world dominated by the private automobile, we consider that the decision to come by train or bus is an almost militant decision in favor of the environment. This policy has allowed us to meet very original people who have used public transport to come and stay at our lodge from France, Spain, England, Belgium, Switzerland...

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