hiking, climbing, mountain biking, horseback riding, paragliding and gliding


The lodge is located on two long distance hiking trails:
> GR10 (the Transpyrenees trail)
> GR36 (crosses France north-south)

Short hikes accessible from the lodge's doorstep:
> the Orri de Planès loop
> the Planès pond hike
> the Cedelles meadow hike
> the trees of the Conflent self guided walking tour
> the Balconies of the Têt river loop
> the trail to the Saint Thomas hot springs and spa

Just a few kilometers away - other well known hikes:
> the upper Bouillouses lakes loop
> the lower Bouillouses lakes loop
> the Camporells lakes loop
>the Eyne valley
> the Galbe valley
> the Carançà gorges


Accessible on foot from our doorstep - high mountain itineraries:
> the Roc del Boc peak, via the Pic de l'Orri ridge
> the Roc del Boc peak, via the Conca i the Violoncel pass (in the Planès valley)
> the Cambre d'Ase peak, via the Sant Pere ski resort
> the Cambre d'Ase peak, via the Coma Amagada (in the Planès valley)
> the Torre d'Eina peak, via the Conca (in the Planès valley)
> the Noufonts peak, via the Riberola valley
> the Gallinas and Redon peaks, via Coll Mitjà
> the Nuria valley (in Spain), via the Conca, the Torre d'Eina peak and the Núria pass

Just a few kilometers away - other well known itineraries:
> the Carlit peak
> the Peric peak
> the Puigmal peak
> Madres mountain


Accessible on foot from the lodge:

the Malaza cliffs in the Planès valley - itineraires for experienced climbers

A few kilometers away:

2 km, the Sant Pere dels Forcats wall - itineraries for beginners

4 km, the Cambre d'Ase cliffs - itineraires for experienced climbers
couloir vermicelle
couloir eclair
couloir bougnagas
couloir gigolo

15 km, the Targassone rockfields - bouldering

a 15 km, Via Ferrata de Llo - itineraries for different levels, on site equipment rental.

Mountain biking

From the lodge:
> the Planès valley forest road - 8 km each way, 250 m of altitude gain

> Sant Pere dels Forcats forest roads - various routes possible, altitude gain of up to 500 m

A few kilometers away:

Around the Matemale reservoir

Around Font-Romeu-Odelló-Vià

In the Capcir-Alt Conflent

In the Cerdanya-Capcir

In the Cerdanya-Capcir-Conflent

In the Eastern Pyrenees (Departament 66)

Horseback riding

In the Capcir-Alt Conflent

In the Cerdagne

at 10 km, Les Chevaux de la Tramontane. Short and long rides with groups and for individuals; all levels.


at 8 km, Vol'aime in Superbolquère. Paragliding school.


at 9 km, Association Aéronautique La Llagonne. Airfield offering flight lessons and glider rental at the Quillan pass.

Windsurfing i sailing

at 12 km, Club Nautique l'Ourson at the Matemale reservoir. Sailing school with boat and equipment rental.


at 15 km, Parc aventure Chacun sa trace in Font Romeu. Aerial course through the trees with 11 different levels.

at 15 km, Parc Aventure at the Matamale reservoir. Aerial course through the trees.

a 20 km, Acromix in Angoustrine. Adventure park with a mix of aerial and acrobatic challenges.