menus that change with the seasons

Guests who come to the Orri on a regular basis (and we have quite a few) are not often served the same meals. This happens because on the one hand, we limit ourselves to seasonally available ingredients, and on the other, because we enjoy trying out new products and inventing new recipes on a regular basis.

Here are two lists of typical dishes that you may be served at the Orri, grouped by season:

Summer menus

Beet and tomato gaspacho
Heirloom tomato salad
Cucumber salad with fresh mint and yogurt dressing
Escalivada (grilled eggplant and pepper salad) with anchovies

Grilled local meats with homemade fries or baked potatoes
Tajine (Moroccan stew) with chicken, fresh tomatoes, almonds and honey
Vegetable lasagne with zuchinni, fresh tomatoes and goats cheese
Eggplants stuffed with lamb and pork

Strawberries with maple syrup
Peaches with Banyuls wine
Artisan ice cream from the Cerdagne (made with local milk and cream)
Cherry cobbler

Winter menus

Green salad served with slices of magret (cured duck filet), cooked apples and dried figs
Sliced raw vegetables with homemade vegetable patés (baba ganoush, hummus)
Squash and chestnut soup
Fennel au gratin with bechamel sauce and Parmesan cheese

Vegetarian lasagne with Catalan style spinach (sautéed with raisins and pine nuts) and goats cheese
Boles de picolat (meatballs with a hearty tomato-green olive sauce, a typical Roussillon recipe)
Tajine (Moroccan stew) with garbanzos, spinach and varied meats
the Orri Tartiflette (hearty potato and cheese casserole flavored with muscat de rivesaltes, a local sweet wine)

Arif's apple pie
Marta's lemon and almond tarte
Orange and kiwi salad with maple syrup
Brownies a la mode, served with local artisan ice cream

Children's meals

We believe that the development of taste should be part of all children's education, and we consider that our healthy and well-balanced menus are appropriate for kids of all ages. Though we usually don't prepare special "children's" meals, we do recognize that some little ones have a hard time with certain "adult" foods, and upon request, are willing to prepare a simplified version of our normal menus. Please advise if you are interested in this option for your kids.

Special meals

With advanced notice, we can cater to most dietary restrictions (vegetarians, vegans, celiacs, sodium free diets...)

artichoke hearts with black olives oven roasted turkey with stuffing
lasagne bolognaise tapas dinner
pear with chocolate sauce salad trio
grilled local meats homemade paté et grilled pepper salad
oven baked organic trout vegetable tajine with tofu croquettes
peach and raspberry salad with whipped cream vegetable paté with courgettes
melon with ham homemade lemon and almond pie