creative and balances

The Orri's kitchen is a reflection of the people who created it and who work there.

We come from two different countries and have roots in three different cultures (Catalan, American and Pakistani). Over the years, we've travelled in different countries and have met people from all over the world. In the dishes we prepare, we regularly introduce new ingredients and try out new recipes, preferring to mix cultures rather than to limit ourselves to one culinary tradition. While we live in the South of France and work with ingredients from the Roussillon, our cuisine is creative, bringing together a strong Catalan-Provence accent (olive oil is central in many of our dishes) with influences from other parts of the Mediterranean (Italy, Greece, North Africa, the Middle East...).

We are also active people who enjoy sports and try to lead a healthy lifestyle. We believe in the expression "you are what you eat" and are convinced that food is closely related to health and personal wellbeing. As a result, we try very hard to serve balanced meals that always include plenty of fresh seasonal fruits and vegetables. All meat served is of extremely high quality, sourced exclusively from local farms; some days we serve vegetarian menus, often including organic whole grain pastas, rices or grains.
stuffed courgettes - vegetarian recipe
preparing chicken croquettes free renge chicken from Eyne with fresh tarragon
lasagne bolognaise making a beet soup
making carrot balls chick peas for hummus
peach and apricot sauces tomato and grilled pepper salad
homemade chicken croquettes escalivada: grilled eggplants and peppers