something for everyone


Our swimming pool is opened to all guests in the Orri, the Refugi and the campground.
Weather permitting, it is open from June 15th to September 15th.
Pool water is treated with salt and heated with the excess energy from the Orri's solar installation; water temperature usually oscillates between 20 and 26 degrees Celsius.
Children are only allowed to enter the area when accompanied by an adult.


Every day during the months of July and August, drinks, snacks and light meals are served on our terrace from noon until the beginning of our dinner service.


Our shop is located in the reception office. Here, we sell hiking and tourist maps and books, hiking accessories (sun lotion, canteens, ponchos...), Orri de Planès souvenirs (T shirts, sweatshirts, postcards...), Orri de Planès gift certificates and local handicrafts (costume jewelry, angora wool scarves, gloves and socks, pottery, etc.)
We also sell some local and organic food products served at the Orri's table (bread, honey, marmelades, wine, liquors, olive oil, vinegar, etc.).


We have a self serve washer and drier available for the use of all guests. Each machine has a capacity of 8 kg. The machines operate with tokens, sold for 5 euros each in our reception office.

dog house

Located in a fenced enclosure on a terrace just above the lodge, the doghouse is available for guests' use at no charge.

Wifi-free zone

The interaction between people and the discovery of nature have always central concepts in rural tourism. To favor the relations between men and between man and nature, we've decided to declare the Orri a wifi-free zone. We invite all guests to disconnect from virtual reality during their stay with us.
For those who need to access internet, a cable connection is available in the lodge's dining room.


We have two sleds available for guests to use on the slopes around our lodge.

ski rack

A ski rack is available for guests to use in the courtyard between our two buildings.

snow shoe rental

For a small fee, we can equip up to 12 people with snowshoes and poles. We also have 2 pairs of snowshoes for small children that we lend at no charge.

bike storage

It's possible to store your bikes in the garage, located next to the Refugi's entry.

camping material rental

If you'd like to organize an excursion from the Orri into the mountains and don't have camping equipment, it's possible to rent the following items:

> sleeping bags
> backpacks
> 2 person backpacking tents
> campstoves and cooksets